Mary Mother of the Church Abbey is a community of monks seeking God in the spirit of the Rule of Saint Benedict as expressed through our prayerful Liturgy and the work of our ministries. Our vision is that our community will radiate Benedictine spirituality, always extending our welcome to any who seek God through witness of prayer, work and learning.

The Abbey at a Glance
Benedictine College Preparatory

Committed to the military school

Providing moral and religious guidance for students at Benedictine College Preparatory - one of only two Benedictine military schools in the U.S.

Featured Destination

Shroud of Turin Center

Established in 1997 to provide educational services to the public and to conduct scientific and historical research.

Leadership Opportunities

Focused on future growth

We have an exciting vision to build a new monastery overlooking the James River. This will offer many new opportunities for aspiring monks.

Featured Profile


Brother Vincent McDermott

The structured way of living in community with other Brothers is very good for me personally. As we live in community with each other, we do pretty much everything together and we learn about each other, the good and the bad, and most of all we pray for each other that we may go to heaven and bring others with us. St. Benedict’s way of life is a good life and we place prayer first over everything and then work, recreation, and study. I hope and pray more men will take a leap of faith and experience the monastic life here at Mary Mother of the Church Benedictine Abbey.

Where To Find Us

Mary Mother of the Church Abbey is located along the historic James River in Richmond, Virginia.

12829 River Road
Richmond, VA 23238-7206
(804) 708-9653