Focused on future growth

We inherit a rich Benedictine tradition of which we are very proud. Not only are we committed to this tradition, but we are expanding the impact of its values on the young men who come through our school and on people in the local community. Our growth strategy is contingent on the expansion of our physical infrastructure and rigorous vocation recruitment effort.

We have renovated and upgraded our temporary monastic quarters, but our vision is much greater. Our vision is to build a vibrant monastic community that radiates monastic spirituality in Richmond for the next century and beyond.

This will require the construction of a new monastery.

Our elder monks who carry a long legacy of good appeal in Richmond are setting the momentum for our vision of building a new monastery. This creates opportunities for younger monks to step up and make a difference. We have the ability and determination to continue this great tradition. The future is in our hands. We are optimistic and committed. Join us.

Below are the architectural renderings of our future Monastery and Retreat Center overlooking the James River. Please keep us in your prayers that our vision will become alive one day. 

The back view from highway 288 – monastery and retreat center

The front view – monastery and retreat center

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