Shroud of Turin Center

The Shroud of Turin Center was established in 1997 to provide educational services to the public and to conduct scientific and historical research. The Center houses full-size color transparencies and full-size black-and-white negative transparencies of the Shroud, and a full-size replica of the Cross of the Crucifixion. The transparencies are replicas of high-resolution photographs taken during the scientific investigation by the STURP team in 1978. The Center undertakes an active dialogue with the university communities of central Virginia.

The Center periodically conducts interactive, multimedia presentations onsite on the many different aspects of the science and history of the Shroud, as well as presentations to various groups by request.

To schedule a multimedia presentation with Q&A tailored to the interests of your group, please contact us.

The Center is also providing presentations on different dates at several different locations within the Commonwealth as well as in North Carolina. Group presentations may also be scheduled by request.

Meditation on the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth: A Shroud of Turin Presentation

When:   Good Friday, April 14th
Time:    10:00 AM
Where:  Shroud of Turin Center at the Abbey

Join us for a one hour meditation on the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth using the full-size images of the Shroud of Turin this Good Friday (4/14) at 10:00AM in the Shroud Center located at the Abbey. The presentation will focus on Old Testament prophecies, first century Roman criminal and Jewish ritual laws as they were used in the execution of Jesus as illustrated on the Turin Shroud.


The presentation will feature full-size, tru-color front and back images of the Shroud and the Man whose image it contains as well as a Powerpoint introduction to its many features.The presentations are free and open to the public, so please plan on attending.

For inquiries about the presentation or to arrange a private tour, call Brian Walsh at 804-977-4820 or e-mail

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