Hope for the poor throughout the world

Uganda Rural Fund aims to empower orphans, impoverished youth, and women to fight poverty in Uganda’s rural communities, through the creation of educational and sustainable development opportunities.

Uganda Rural Fund supports the Nazareth Children’s Home, after-school programs, women empowerment, youth leadership and community engagement, chicken projects, piggery projects, and community outreach. The Hope Integrated Academy is an education initiative involving secondary school curriculum, vocational training programs, a community library, computer center (with free Internet services), entrepreneurship and leadership center, a science center with laboratories, and youth resource center.

It is critical that we empower communities to believe in their potential to change their living conditions. The Uganda Rural Fund has set out a path to do exactly this with a belief that people have the will and the ability to design and implement many viable and sustainable solutions to local solutions. As a result, several communities have embarked on establishing community schools with the support of the Uganda Rural Fund. The communities pride themselves in the accomplishments made and take full ownership of these projects.

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